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ˈmeltˌdoun [Dec. 13th, 2011|04:12 pm]
[Current Music |Barufunk vs Carbon Community - Community Funk (- deadmau5 remix -)]

So, i'm dating a married woman. I believe the technical word is called, "sharing". I'm sharing her with her husband who shares a child with her, the same dining room table with her and the same bed with her every. single. night.

But. I can't comment/like/friend other women on Facebook. That's a no-no. And she did her best to make it out to be. Is it possible to delete voicemail without first having to listen to it?

In the meantime, i have my eye on a 19 year old who works graveyard at a local grocery store chain. Like all my relationships, she has her eye on someone else. We met (if you can call it that) 2 weeks ago. Alas, i too work graveyard. So, it's possible we may never cross paths again.

But i did manage to subscribe to her Facebook feed.