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ə-ˈdikt [Oct. 17th, 2011|06:35 pm]
[Current Music |How to Destroy Angels - The Space in Between]

I like AMC's The Walking Dead. Though, i don't love it. I know at any point my hopes can be crushed by a simple act of any one of the people pulling the strings. First and foremost: smart zombies. Having smart zombies doesn't make the act any scarier. It makes it dumber. Why do zombies need an angry face? Why do zombies need to snarl & growl? They're not animals. They're dead. They act on impulse. Desperation is all that needs to be portrayed. A killer driven by impulse is far more terrifying. Likewise, lovers driven by impulse is far more sexier. When she becomes a drooling freak in the act; you know it's for real.