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auctoritas [Mar. 7th, 2011|08:25 am]
[Current Music |Melleefresh vs deadmau5 - Hey Baby (- original mix -)]

Fun fact: I tune the television to Daystar when i slump on my couch to prepare for a nap. I don't know, something about biblical nonsense i find so easy to tune out to.


Really, i don't sit here mentally promoting & demoting Facebook friends. I think grown adults lose a measurable amount of integrity/virtue when they admittedly do that. To me, on Facebook, everyone's equally worthless.

I took the Z out to stretch its legs the other night. Christ it's so fucking hard to see out that thing. Probably took a few minutes to back it out of the garage. Then, at the pump, i paid $52 to fill it up. It wasn't even empty! Fuck, i'm so screwed! Oh, but what a machine and when i put my foot down our relationship makes sense, our differences forgotten.