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ˈbich [Jan. 10th, 2011|07:25 am]
[Current Music |Luiz B - Rainy Days (- teana & tiida remix -)]

So. I had to find a storage unit for the Z. Last minute sort of deal. Robert had to move. His mother-in-law sold the house. To an employee of Quiznos. Who's got three bratty kids & a fat unemployed wife. How's that work? I have got to be doing something wrong. Appearances can be deceiving. Just like a 7½ft wide door doesn't look like it'll take anything at all.

Kai. If you're going to unilaterally decide that it's basically over, don't txt me. At all. Let alone 62 days later. You could at least return my concerned calls concerning your txt. Makes me think you need a kidney or something. Which, don't get me wrong, i'd be more than happy to do. Despite the fact you're a bully.