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ə-lōn' [Nov. 8th, 2010|08:57 am]
Ah, Jeezus. The battery in a remote key less key thingamajig doesn't last very long. Its been what five months? Worst thing is that i don't believe the actual key can be used in the traditional way. If it can, i wouldn't know where to stick it. Best thing is that it'll be ALL mine at just $45 a day for the next 16 months.

So. I get this e-mail. It strikes me as a three-year-old crying & balling on the floor when it doesn't get its way. Thank gawd it was the last.

Then i get a message on Facebook asking how i've been. So, i answer. Sometime later, i get a text message essentially asking for reassurance that my reply wasn't personally about them. Sometime later, their reply: "Ok so how have you been" *facepalm* Where do i find these people?