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ni-ˈglekt [Oct. 30th, 2010|11:33 pm]
[Current Music |deadmau5 [feat. rob swire] - Ghosts 'n' Stuff]

I honestly believe RMA flux was used on the 176171 boards when the process clearly called for W/S. I sent mail addressing that very concern the day before they were run. It consisted of three very short, concise sentences. The reply i received buried one of the sentences under some twisted desire to make me look like an idiot. The most important sentence of all. The one that claimed the machine program is still set to dispense RMA. Implying that was the first run since the change in process conditions. Indeed, that in fact was the case. Unless our database is incorrect and the AS/400 said different. But no matter, they're HOT!

Maybe my ability to distinguish numbers is just as selective as my hearing. Surly someone way more educated than myself wouldn't be that dismissive regarding product without very good reason. Hopefully, come Monday, someone will explain to me how #1 really means Fluxer Head #2 & that i've been mistaken all along. The machine is German, after all.

I have a problem with people who ask how i'm doing in passing and don't wait for my response. It demonstrates a lack of benevolence the question seeks to promote. I do enjoy watching them walk away though.

Lately, i've been generally annoyed that others aren't fully comprehending what i write. Hence why i say, "Az emberek nem értenek, ha angolul beszélek."