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drēm [Sep. 7th, 2010|09:59 am]
[Current Music |Seasick Steve - That's All]

In gradeschool i dealt drugs. I became so successful, i was dealing in bulk. Pressured a friend, who was on probation, to peddle as much as he could. Fucker blew me off! "We could make fat stacks", i say. He wasn't into it. Meanwhile, i assembled a 'stash'. 6-7 hefty bags worth. Couldn't hide it in my room, so i kept it in my parents' RV. A temporary measure until i could find somewhere else. Fearing my folks might get suspicious, i expressed my concern to my friend. The dumb shit calls up my dad. Mentioned drugs in some reverse psychology bullshit to ease his mind. "Now they're definitely going to suspect something" i say. Scrambling to come up with a plan, i hit the road in the RV ...then i woke up.